Taboo chat lines

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Objectifying other human beings – making them the fodder for your fantasies – is not necessarily a violation of consent.

However, if the fantasy is to manifest, mutual consent, negotiation and personal safety are of paramount importance.

"People might not like this - so accept that, and push that," he continued."People will either like it or hate it, but it won't be middle of the road.

Either it's going to go well, or it's going to go really f**king badly.

Manifesting an “edgy” fantasy is something that is negotiated and proceeds only if all parties involved actively consent to participate.

In the BDSM realm, the gray area between fantasy and reality is full of negotiation: mutual expression of desire, consent, agreements to terms of safety, arrangements for after-care, etc.

However, transparency in motive and careful negotiation of how to bring the fantasy to fruition is absolutely necessary.For instance, if I have a fantasy of being overpowered and ravaged, it absolutely does not mean that I have a desire to be abducted and sexually assaulted by a stranger.That fantasy might simply be a daydream I use to explore my own private pleasure.Also just ‘Thinking Out Loud’ here, tone down the emoji usage would you? Maybe we can connect whilst listening to ÷ (Divide), sharing tear stained tissues and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.We could even take a ‘Photograph’ to commemorate the magical moment. Evidently, this tinder match does not speak the language of love.

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