Self consolidating concrete test set

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There is no evidence of what effect the wall of the apparatus and the consequent ‘wall effect’ might have on the concrete flow, but this arrangement does, to some extent, replicate what happens to concrete on site when it is confined within formwork.Two operators are required if times are measured, and a degree of operator error is inevitable.The L-Box offers an alternate method of determining flow, and is currently in use in Europe and some DOT’s in the United States.

The J-Ring test, in conjunction with the Slump- Flow test, is one way to determine the passing ability of SCC, defined as the ability of the concrete to flow under its own weight to completely fill all spaces within the formwork.

A similar test is then run without the J-Ring in place and the difference in the flow diameters is recorded as the passing ability.

Additional measurements or visual classifications may also be determined at the conclusion of the test.

The test set provides a method to measure the distance of lateral flow of SCC.

The J-Ring Test Set is used to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete.

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