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Tavres sited the proliferation of different dating sites as a big inspiration for creating Mouse Mingle.

“Niche dating sites are more common these days,” the dating site founder told LA Mag.

The “55” nod is a reference to the year Disneyland opened—but of course any true fan would know that.

Tavres used to live in Anaheim, even worked at Disney’s premier California park as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad.

But what I most admired in him as a man was the circumstance that he managed to live for many years not only in peace but in lasting consonance with a wife—an undertaking at which I twice rather shamefully failed.” In addition to revealing new details about Einstein’s marital regrets, the correspondence with Besso, which spans the years 1903 to 1955, also delves into the theories of special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, unified field theory and a variety of other complex concepts.

“For a non-scientist it was hard—sometimes impossible—to keep up,” wrote Thomas Venning, head of Books and Manuscripts at Christie’s of London, of cataloguing the Einstein-Besso letters.

But it wasn’t all science talk between the two men.

Although she was married to Sergei Konenkov, a noted Russian sculptor, Konenkova had pursued affairs with the famed composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, among other influential men.and Eduard, Besso subsequently acted as a mediator between Einstein and Milena. Medicus wrote in a 1994 scholarly article, Besso and another friend, Heinrich Zangger, helped smooth things over after Einstein canceled a trip back to Switzerland for Christmas after the situation with his wife and children became too tense.Thanks to Besso and Zangger’s intervention, Einstein changed his mind and rescheduled the trip.He worried about money; he discussed his son’s education; he rescheduled plans to meet up.In 1936, after not writing to his friend for several years, he explained the delay by citing the “mathematical imp” sitting on his neck.

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