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The kind of work an individual does often determines whether that individual (and his or her family) is wealthy or poor.

The previous section, in part, explored inequities in wage-compensation associated with various kinds of work.

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Often minorities are tracked into jobs that do not provide compensation at a level that allows economic independence.Much of it, however, applies to economically disadvantaged minorities overall.. Presumably, if one can document legal discrimination, one can remove such discrimination through the courts or legislatures.Institutional discrimination, on the other hand, is describe institutional discrimination as "the customary ways of doing things, prevailing attitudes and expectations, and accepted structural arrangements [that] works to the disadvantage [of the poor].This ratio improves slightly during economic growth periods in the national economy.In 1990 the figure was 71 percent of every dollar earned by men (Eitzen and Baca-Zinn, 193).

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