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I ran toward what I call the “pummel horse,” hit the spring board, and launched myself into the air. When we got out into the corridor, Michelle checked that no one was around to see, then said, “Here, put your arm on my shoulder before you end up breaking your other ankle.” “It’s my knee, actually.” “I don’t care, whatever.” I draped my arm over her shoulder and she took some of my weight. “I masturbate most mornings before I come here to school, then again when I get home. “Tell you what, let’s take a break from the survey and finish the exam.” “Finish?

Now all I had to do was make sure I didn’t get a boner in front of everyone. The good news was that I landed feet first; the bad news was that it wasn’t on the mats. “Did you get a good look at it before pulling this Jackass routine of yours? I couldn’t believe that the hottest chic in our class, maybe in our whole school, who hadn’t ever said two words to me before, was talking to me about her ass. Maybe try adding some squats into your bodybuilding routine.” She most likely knew that I’d never lifted a weight in my life. I stepped into Nurse Cady’s office and only realized as she looked up from her desk that I was sporting a full-on boner. I would have remembered if you’d visited me before.” She looked up at me with a funny smile. “I’m going to check for any muscle damage.” She wrapped her hands around the lower part of my thigh. Nurse Cady began working her way up, squeezing and kneading my leg as she went. Basketball in my driveway, skateboarding sometimes.” I didn’t need to tell her I’d never landed a move in my life. Maybe I bumped my head when I came off that pummel horse. My dick stood straight out and pointed up a little also. “Now I need to check your scrotum for any abnormalities.” She rubbed her fingers around my ball sack, pinching the skin lightly in places. “Testicles.” She handled my balls, feeling them all over.

“You’re about the same size as my favorite dildo, the one I keep under my pillow. It’s like a fake rubber or plastic penis that women use when they masturbate.

I know you’re curious about how girls do it by themselves.” I had a pretty good idea what a dildo was after being called one on so many occasions, but it was nice to hear her explanation. ” “They do, but it’s a little different than the way boys do.” She switched hands so she was jerking me with her left and her right drifted up to my hairless chest.

” “Definitely no.” “Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” Nurse Cady commented and jotted down my response. “Lighten up, Alex, it was just a joke.” “Oh...ha, yeah,” Everything was a little wrong side up again. And this time I was sure that the top two buttons of her uniform hadn’t been undone when I first came in. You can do it yourself if you want, but I would suggest that in this case you allow a professional to handle it.” She placed her warm, soft hand on my naked belly and smiled. “Do I have your permission to masturbate your penis to ejaculation in order to alleviate your sustained priapism? ” “It’s a boner that won’t go away.” She took a hold of my dick. I give you permission to...uh, masturbate my penis for ejaculating?

I was no doubt freaked out by all of this, but at the same time I couldn’t stop being aroused by it. Do you prefer nurses with small breasts or big breasts? “Big breasts would be my answer then.” I looked over at her to make sure she knew I was joking (but not really). “The problem we have now is that I can’t send you back to class in this condition. ” “Good enough for me.” Nurse Cady began stroking me. It had to be some sort of elaborate, x-rated version of . She watched what she was doing with that little smile on her lips. “Okay, thanks.” “I’ve seen a lot of cocks over the years, so I know what I’m talking about.” Her other hand cupped my balls.

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