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Different punk subcultures often distinguish themselves by having a unique style of punk rock, although not every style of punk rock has its own associated subculture.

The earliest form of music to be called "punk rock" was 1960s garage rock, and the term was applied to the genre retroactively by influential rock critics in the early 1970s.

Punk artwork graces album covers, flyers for concerts, and punk zines.

Punk has generated a considerable amount of poetry and prose.

Women in the hardcore scene typically wore masculine clothing.

In the late 1970s, the subculture began to diversify, which led to the proliferation of factions such as new wave, post-punk, 2 Tone, pop punk, hardcore punk, no wave, street punk and Oi! The punk subculture influenced other underground music scenes such as alternative rock, indie music, crossover thrash and the extreme subgenres of heavy metal (mainly thrash metal, death metal, speed metal, and the NWOBHM).

Although punks are frequently categorised as having left-wing revolutionary or progressive views, punk politics cover the entire political spectrum.

Punk-related ideologies are mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views.

Punk has its own underground press in the form of punk zines, which feature news, gossip, cultural criticism, and interviews. Important punk zines include Maximum Rockn Roll, Punk Planet, No Cure, Cometbus, Flipside, and Search & Destroy.

Many punk-themed films have been made, as have punk rock music videos and punk-oriented skateboarding videos.

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