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In addition to completing the course work or studying the subject material on their own, students desiring to take an Advanced Placement test would be wise to use test preparation materials.A list of AP test preparation materials is provided on the College Board website, along with comprehensive details regarding registering, preparing for, and reasons for considering AP courses.In the 11th grade, students can take the PSAT as the first step in order to qualify for the National Merit® Scholarships.If your child qualifies as a semifinalist/finalist for the National Merit Scholarship and you have questions regarding the completion of the application, do not hesitate to call the National Merit Scholarship Corporation at 847-866-5100.This means that they will no longer accept accommodations requests via paper, email, or fax.Additionally, under the new online system, any parent or administrator wishing to apply for accommodations for a student must obtain a school administrator account with the ACT.Some states require specific tests, while others have no requirements.

The PSAT Tests: A Litany of Choices for College-Bound Teens Students can take the Preliminary SAT / National Merit® Scholarship Qualifying T​e​s​t​ (PSAT / NMSQT) for SAT practice, but the College Board only offers this exam one day in October.The SAT is a reasoning test that consists of both verbal and math sections with an optional written essay.We recommend that you check with a specific college to find out whether the essay section is required.When registering for an Advanced Placement test, students should contact the AP Central at the College Board for your state specific homeschool code.The College Board has expanded the number of PSAT exams it offers to students.

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