No reg sexy role play chat

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If you are certain I have mis-marked one of these, please change it or notify Please make sure to adhere to channel and site rules. Do not represent any characters using RL photos, GIFs, videos, or similar; neither in advertisements nor chat; and no matter how old the person in the photo is. This includes icons, eicons, and links; this is channel specific and does not apply to profiles.

If something in chat requires moderator attention, please use "Alert Staff". This channel is for all those interested in ass (and not the donkeys)!Any other user of the system will be met with a warning.Exception: Advertising OOC chat rooms as per this change.The owners of this site are not, in any way, responsible for the materials that are posted, said, and/or downloaded within chat.Content on the site is managed by the users and RPH is not responsable for it.

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