Microsoft outlook updating cached messages

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Outlook is seemingly not designed for heavy email use - when my number of messages in the inbox start to approach 2000 - this is when these problems occur on a regular basis.I currently have about 1770 or so messages and it seems Outlook cannot handle this number. I was able to get to emails, but after a few minutes, freezes again. I wonder if have seen this issue reported elsewhere - and if you can point me to a solution.

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A related problem seems to be that Outlook does not always honour download headers only in Send / Receive options.I tried your suggestion and found I the Onenote icon and enabled it. Again restart, and again freezes at "updating cached messages (250/1770)". Online mode When the Outlook profile is configured in Online Mode Outlook will create a direct connection to the Information Store of Exchange.that old data is being displayed in Microsoft Outlook), we advise reducing the size of the user's Sent Items folder and/or disabling Microsoft Outlook add-ins.If this does not resolve the issue, further investigation will be required to identify why Microsoft Outlook has not synchronized with Office 365.

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