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' But she has that bright light in her eyes and both of you know it's play. " —Darcy, 19, San Bernardino, CA"Before a kiss, a girl talks differently.

The conversation becomes that awkward filler talk because we're both wondering, 'Should I kiss him? ' When serious talk stops, it's obvious we both want something to happen." —Jon, 20, West Palm Beach, FL "At the end of a good date, there's no doubt I'm thinking about kissing a girl.

Then she'll smile at you with relaxed eyes, as if she's getting a good massage. " —Christian, 19, Fairfield, CA "This girl and I were on the couch watching a movie.

When the actors kissed, she glanced over at me and caught my eye.

You can tell the moment's right when things slow down like that." —George, 18, North Hampton, NH 46% of CG!

If I walk her to her door and she stalls, I know she's thinking about it too.

She might get all flirtatious or try to grab my hand. " —Roderick, 22, Bloomington, IN "I go for the kiss when a girl starts to get touchy-feely.

Their relationship will turn everything upside down for everyone close to them with dramatic consequences.

Without much stash around it, it tells a love story anybody can relate to or believe in.

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