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It's just a matter of getting those fans to come over and getting familiar with the whole process, because it's not really something that's been done yet.

Many people have supported the actor's wishes and agree that it's time for the CBS soap to delve into a serious gay What is the next step now that you've reached the first funding goal? Originally it was written to be two women, and the director [said], "You know what, we should make it a gay male." And I said, "That is so much more representative of my life! Not that I don't trust my girlfriends' opinions, but my gay boyfriends are the most protective over me, so I just thought, what a great way to tell the story with another perspective.I'm not judging either way, girlfriends versus gay best friends, but it will just make for a more interesting type of way to explore the relationships. What did you think about his comments?She was on Match[.com] before you could even upload a photo.You had to describe what you looked like, and she described herself as a mix of Gillian Anderson from X-Files and a Muppet [laughs]. That's pretty much a topic of conversation with all of my girlfriends right now, especially my married girlfriends.

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