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They're also likely to want more sex (low levels of testosterone have been shown to produce the opposite effect). If you have poor body image, an uptight family background, bad early sexual experiences or a partner who is insensitive, lazy or just not that nice, then your sex drive very likely would take a nose-dive. Let's just consider the subject these experts are spending so much time and money to argue about, using real examples from a group of women who agreed to talk honestly about their sex lives. I don't care if I never have sex again,' she admits. Monica is 35 and also uninterested in sex with her long-time partner, but feels ' overwhelming feelings of desire' for a colleague at work with whom she is having an affair. 'Since my late 40s, I've had the wonderful experience of a late-blossoming sex drive, and I absolutely love it.' Claire is 24 and in a new relationship with Tom: 'We spend days at a time in bed.Susan, is 48, slim and attractive and happily married. It makes me feel very close to him, but I also like the feeling of sexual power it gives me.' Helen, who is 32, isn't interested in sexual power.But the wily drug smuggler had a plan to avoid being hanged.She knew that pregnant women or those with a child under 36 months, could not, under Article 35 of the Criminal Code, be put to death, but would instead be incarcerated for life.It's well known that the more sex you have, the stronger your sexual desire becomes.

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The biologists do have a point - and the high-testosterone woman is an interesting part of the research.

Nguyen paid particular attention to her looks, spending ‘handfuls’ of money at beauty spas and hairdressers.

She travelled in a luxury chauffeur-driven limousines from the proceeds of her drug operation - her favourite vehicle being a red Lexus.

While male desire tends to be straightforward, a woman's sex drive is a complicated, multi-layered thing. would seem to back that up, showing that this may well be linked to hormones, and to testosterone in particular.

That said, some women, just like some men, do seem to have a naturally higher sex drive than others. Women with high levels of testosterone are much more likely to be ambitious and assertive and to choose traditionally male careers in business and finance. This shows that female desire, like male, is rooted in body chemistry. They believe that female desire is made up of physical, emotional, social and relationship factors.

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