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He’s one of those teachers who likes being “down with the kids”—all gelled hair and “call me Jeff.” He’s also the reason our version of Romeo and Juliet is set in a Brooklyn ghetto and Juliet is leaning out of a trailer rather than a balcony. Beaconsfield, but then, he does always cast her in all the lead roles. Teachers shouldn’t want to hang out with teenagers. I don’t know how people can actually perform onstage. That’s another cringe-fact about him—the way he calls us all by a nickname. Oh my God, Juliet used to be played by a man back in Shakespeare’s day! I look up at Ollie, who is currently gazing up at Megan. ” Ollie asks, when he finally gets to the end of his speech.

Beaconsfield and the two assistant directors, all of the seats are empty. To say I’m not very good with crowds would be a bit like saying Justin Bieber isn’t very good with the paparazzi. Just as I get back to my safe spot at the side of the stage my phone bleeps again. “Shouldn’t Penny take a picture of me in this scene too? His one has STUD printed on the front in black diamante.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if he’s my type—he may be a little too boy-band-meets-athlete perfect—but it’s so unusual for me to have the undivided attention of the school heartthrob that I can’t help feeling embarrassed. They aren’t actually dating or anything but they’re both definitely on the same rung of the social ladder. She just seems to glide through life, all glossy chestnut hair and pouting. We all order shakes—apart from Megan, who orders a mineral water—and then Ollie turns to me.

His blond surfer-dude hair is perfectly tousled and his blue eyes are sparkling like the sea in the winter sunshine. I see Megan raise her eyebrows and I instantly feel like I’ve done something wrong. I turn away and concentrate on the Christmas decorations around the diner instead—the swirls of green and red tinsel, and the mechanical Father Christmas who yells, “Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year. In our real-life play, Ollie isn’t supposed to sit next to me; he’s supposed to sit next to Megan. They have non-speaking parts in the play and that’s kind of how Megan treats them in real life—as extras to her lead role. ” a waitress says, arriving at our table with a pad and a grin. ” Ollie says loudly in his pretend American accent, and I can’t help cringing. Oh, yes.” I fumble in my bag for my camera and start scrolling through the pictures.

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