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Comprehensive learning resources, advice, reviews, and links for people interested in Chinese can be found on our Chinese Language Resources for Travelers and Students page.调情 (tiáoqíng): to flirt 泡妞 (pàoniū): to pick up girls; to flirt with, hit on, or hook up with girls 辣妹 (làmèi): hot chick; sexy girl (literally, “spicy little sister”) 帅哥 (shuàigē): hunk; handsome guy (often used to address a man in a flattering way) 倍儿棒 (bèir bàng): northern Chinese slang for “really awesome”; one common use of this expression is to describe someone’s body 花瓶 (huāpíng): a beautiful person who is not intelligent, capable, or talented; eye candy (literally, “flower vase”) 绣花枕头 (xiùhuā zhěntou): synonym for 花瓶; someone (or something) beautiful but useless (literally, “embroidered pillow”) 撒娇 (sǎjiāo): [of females] to act like a spoiled child, speaking in the voice of a little girl, whining, pouting, acting clingy and dependent; such behavior on the part of a woman to her boyfriend or husband is considered charming in Chinese culture 女人小坏,男人疼爱 (nǚrén xiǎohuài, nánrén téng’ài): “If a woman behaves mischievously (more literally, “is a little bit bad” or “does little bad things”), a man will love her dearly.” 老牛吃嫩草 (lǎoniú chī nèncǎo): a relationship between two people with a large age gap (literally, “old cow eating tender grass”) 装嫩 (zhuāng nèn): to “pretend to be tender”; to act, speak, and/or dress much younger than one’s actual age 花 (huā): an adjective used to describe a player; horny, womanizing 花心 (huāxīn): to be fickle in love; to have a tendency to be unfaithful 花花公子 (huāhuā gōngzi): playboy; “player,” often one who dresses up like a dandy (literally, “flower prince”) 麦芽糖女人 (màiyátáng nǚrén): clingy, possessive woman (literally, “malt sugar woman,” as malt sugar is sticky) 约会 (yuēhuì): to have a date [with someone]; to make an appointment [with someone]; also, a date or appointment (noun) 网恋 (wǎngliàn): Internet dating AA制 (AA zhì): “going Dutch”; each person paying his or her share (often used as just “AA” in sentences, e.g. This lion and countenance shown in quarters we have, perhaps, thus far in general ofthehighe Btauthorilytopecuniary cor- done. We in the moral feeling of the commnnhy owe it to the honor of our republican connects itself in the order of cause government to hold up a higher sland- and e Oect, as well as that of lime, ard of morals, public and private, than with the numerous instances of tolera- has ever been exhibited before. of any American Le- menla in regard to the situation of our Bslatare to suppose, for a moment, forei^ creditors. After inaieti Dg on indemnil; mmea of wealth opening upon them in Uthelas Icentrrome Teryforeign power every quarter, prepared to visit with that has ever done ns wrong, id some g Tinding penary, and perhapa abeolate eaaes oven where the cla Lm aeemed atar Tation, a claaa of peraona whose alntost questionable, ahall we refuae to only crime is that, in full reliance upon suiafy die ODdonbted claims of foreign- our sense of justice and honor, they ers wto, at our own desire, and io the have intrusted their property to our COn Gdeitee which they felt in our good hands t Several particular cases of &ith and habits of honorable dealing, great hardship have been brought to liave placed their property in onr the notice of the public, and serve to bands 1 We should do great injuatioe confirm the above general state- to the feeling!

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(More literally, “Once you have someone of the opposite gender, you lose your humanity.”) 暗恋 (ànliàn): to have a crush (on); literally, “secretly love” 谈恋爱 (tán liàn’ài): to date; to “go steady” with; to have a relationship with 来电 (láidiàn): to have a romantic spark, feel electricity, have chemistry [with someone] 一见钟情 (yí jiàn zhōng qíng): love at first sight; to fall in love at first sight () 宝贝 (bǎobèi): “baby” or “dear”; a term of endearment for a loved one 老公 (lǎogōng): affectionate term for husband, originally from Cantonese but now in widespread use 老婆 (lǎopó): affectionate term for wife, originally from Cantonese but now in widespread use 私房钱 (sīfángqián): money kept secret from a wife or husband; e.g.

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