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But after spending hours on the net inquiring — for the sake of the article, of course — it appears online dating is also extremely common in Egypt: either for a friendly date, a one-night stand, or even to find a spouse, with some users opting to decide to get married even before meeting in person.

Others — sometimes seemingly conservative Muslims, with profile pictures showing a complete veil — are stuck at home with their parents until they get married and are looking for someone to help them move out.

But ironically, it might also be the socio-cultural stigmas surrounding actual dating that have pushed Egyptians toward online options.

To look at the different aspects of online dating in Egypt, several users of online dating facilities agreed to share their stories with Egypt Independent, although most requested some form of anonymity.

They met only a handful of times before deciding to get married, which was her initial goal in using the service.

Nadia says that in some families, “there’s so much pressure to get married by a certain age, but then again, society frowns on you for having a close boyfriend or meeting someone outside of your close social circle.” She says that online dating made it possible to interact with men based on shared interests and looks while keeping it non-physical, but also secret from the family.

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