Dating tunisian girl in america

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These traits are he is never alone with you unless there is a third person which knows either one of you.

He will never ever have sex with you outside of marriage; he will never ever socialize with the opposite sex whether online or in person.

Certainly prayer 5 times a day is not key determining factor for a great Muslim husband, but it is a part of a mix of traits that will help the American women know that he is generally a good guy and okay to consider marrying him. Another notion is they are all sex hungry and will not be loyal in a marriage.

That every Muslim around you will suspect he married you for a Green Card and even if they smile in your face they will think this automatically.

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A pious Muslim man will know that if he marries an American and helps to raise your kids that it is a great blessing.The problem lies with these American women are not Muslim and do not know how to differentiate between a pious good Muslim husband prospect and a bad prospect.In general everything that is normal to them in America like dating, sex outside of marriage, partying, drinking alcohol, mixing with the opposite sex- is wide spread normal American life, yet they do know how this is really a lethal mix. One Arab stated, “100% of American women are bad.” It is important to realize that your future Arab/Muslim husband has notions about American women that they cannot be trusted for the life of them.He will never ever drink alcohol, attend a party where women dance and drink alcohol.He will never ever forget his prayers 5 times a day with much concern for the timeliness of his prayers.

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