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Alas, it appeared that Korra never quite mustered enough courage to confess. So the engineer steps up to the plate only the way that she can. But now Korra was floundering about with her arms again, like her weird gestures would somehow make the words come out easier as if she were a wordbender.

Don’t be mistaken though, Asami had the time of her life. "Alright Korra", she starts, giggling in that way that puts butterflies in Korra’s stomach, "how about this, come pick me up at seven, and we’ll have dinner at that new south pole-style noodle place down the block. Korra beams and nods enthusiastically, turning around to fist pump and whisper “yesssssssss”. She never quite recovered from her little show where she “asked Asami Sato out”.

1 Screenshot that includes; - Name of offer you completed - Points you were supposed to receive 2 Reply from Tapjoy As part of the parameters of this app, Prizes may be received from any Levels in which Slots have been Unlocked.

For example, if Slots have been Unlocked up to and including Level 4, any Prize from Levels 1 through 4 may be provided in the Slots. ” icon in the bottom left corner of the Mini Game page. We also kindly remind you that Kaled cash Gacha can be play with kaled cash as well.

"And all Korra, the powerful avatar, sees last before blacking out, is Asami Sato, the love of her life, rushing forward to catch her.It's a labor of love, really.___________(This is for my girlfriend, who inspired this whole thing to begin with) 1. Korra’s eyes widen in surprise, as if aware of what’s taking place."Korra, I love you. They spend a moment in that blissful, tender silence before Korra speaks up, her voice muffled as her face is buried in Asami’s long black hair. Tell the avatar that you’re more than willing to be her girlfriend before the she passes out from the apparent stress of even asking. You, Asami…."Asami had been waiting patiently for Korra to find the phrase “please have dinner with me tonight” for around ten minutes. This offer is only on Wizardess Heart , Blood in Roses , Destiny Ninja 2 , Love Tangle, Oz , Ninja Shadow , Guard me, Sherlock!, Lost Alice , Ninja Love , Destiny Ninja and My Sweet Princess .

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