1on 1 chatlines

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Moderator will tell you if a moderator is in the room. The lock symbol locks, and unlocks the room so that no one else can enter.

Once you are viewing the room you want, at the top of the page beside where it shows your room count you will see all the same actions to control the room and will now be able to see, and control individual callers in the room. The green music symbol turns the caller's volume up.The room number is your party line number followed by a - and the room number or numbers in use. Room count tells you how many callers are in the room.If you are a room owner you will only see your one room. Help will tell you if someone has requested help in the room.If any caller enters star 59 from in the room you will see the word Help show up beside it. The caller with the hand symbol beside them is the caller who asked for help.You can then click on the hand to make it go away after you helped them or if they press star 59 again it will deactivate.

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